Welcome to Chats de Chatillon.  We are a newly founded refuge for abandoned , homeless and ill -treated  cats and kittens in Chatillon sur Thouet, close to Parthenay (dept 79).

On arrival  they are often frightened, neglected, starving and ill.   They may arrive here covered in ticks, flea ridden, and suffering from infections such as conjunctivitis, coryza, F.I.V  and other ailments requiring immediate veterinary attention.  At the appropriate age they are sterilised, vaccinated, FIV tested and I.D. chipped.   We  love, nurse , treat and nurture them, restoring their health and trust in human kindness up until we find them a loving family when we  visit them  to ensure that they are settled and happy.  We always look forward to receiving updates and photos  from their proud new owners over the course of time.


They live in small groups in large enclosures with insulated wooden cabins fitted with sleeping quarters, nestled in the beautiful Thouet Valley enjoying  a calm and tranquil environment.  (click on Cabins).   We encourage both children and adults to visit and spend time cuddling and playing with them.  An very enjoyable pass time  for both.  They have lots of things to climb and toys to interest them.  They enjoy listening to the radio and given the chance  are adept at turning it on and off!

Would you like to spend 2 hours just once or twice a week helping at our refuge?

We urgently need responsible reliable cat lovers who would like to assist in the daily maintenance of their enclosures and daily care routine..  Either between 9am - 11am or 4pm - 6pm.

This would entail making several visits before hand just getting to know them and to gain their confidence.

Or if you would prefer just to visit and spend time with them, cuddling and playing with our adorable cats and kittens then we would love to meet you.

In either instance please telephone for an appointment on 06 85 63 55 94  / 05 49 94 39 77 .  Please dont forget to leave your number if we are busy and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

We are always in need of your help to continue our work.   There are many ways in which you can help us.  By adopting, fostering, visiting, becoming a member, fundraising and donating.  We would also be grateful for items such as bowls, soft bedding and toys that you no longer need, food and litter.    Please donot hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.       





Judy and Alan Lewis

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TEL: 06 85 63 55 94

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