One of a litter of 4 raised in sad circumstances and was about to be abandoned in a park. Female.  Beautiful black fluffy coat and appealing eyes.  Looking for that someone special who will make her feel loved and wanted.


Sister of Eliza and Ebony.  Female.  Pretty as a flower with soft grey tabby coat.  Soft and sensitive.  Would adore to find her forever home where she will be enveloped in love and cuddles.


Sister of Ebony.  Female.  Soft black fluffy coat.  A real cutie just waiting for that loving hone to restore her faith in human nature.



Proud brother to Ebony, Eliza and Fleur.  Male.  Stunning little black kitten just waiting to have some fuss and fun with that special person out there who is just looking to give this darling boy a loving home.


Also sister to Smalls and Noisette.  They are a very happy contented little group inspite of how they suffered.  Female tabby with white vest.  Born approx 1st May 2019

Very gentle and adorable.  A real little cuddle muffin just looking for that special someone to guide her through life.


Abandoned at only 2 days old with her umbilical cord still attached, this gutsy little girl deserves a loving home.  Female, tabby and white born approx 1st May 2019.  She has a very gentle disposition and is very affectionate.  She is outgoing but cautious and likes to be cossetted.  Loves her cuddles.


Poor little Bluey was born on a farm and his mother was crushed to death by a tractor.  He was absolutely filthy, embedded with grime and his mouth was very badly infected and swollen.  Male, born approx 1st May 2019. With beautiful blue eyes and a bundle of white fluff with a ginger tail, he is a real little heartbreaker.  Will make someone an adorable companion.

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